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Libero Connect Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions for Libero Connect 

Rules for the use of Libero Connect application 

These rules apply to the use of Libero's application Libero Connect. Please read the rules carefully. 

I consent to all my data being stored and to it being used by Libero and Libero's authorized partners to send me offers that are attractive to the parents of small children by post, e-mail, text message and multimedia message and using equivalent mobile services. I will also receive information about children's development, hints about special offers and other important news that I can benefit from as part of my membership. My membership is free, and I can leave Libero Connect at any time by cancelling my membership in the app by removing your account. As a registered user, you can adjust or discontinue marketing communications from Libero at any time by contacting us by email at   

By using Libero's Libero Connect you agree to these rules and our confidentiality policy. These rules may be changed from time to time. We recommend that you read the rules regularly. 

Login details 
Your right to use the Libero Connect app is personal to you. You must not allow others to use your login details. 

Pictures, videos and text that you publish on Libero Connect 
Essity has no claim to the pictures, videos, audio material and text that you publish on Libero Connect. You own the rights to your published material yourself and are responsible for it. You are only allowed to publish pictures and text that you own the rights to. 

We can include links to other websites. We try to ensure that we only link to websites that share our values. However, we do not take any responsibility for other websites' rules on content and the provision of information. If you visit another website, you should read its confidentiality policy and other rules. 

Rights and duties relating to the material you send in 
Essity does not have the rights to use, reproduce, change, translate and distribute material that you publish in the app.  

You are responsible for ensuring that all the information and all the material you provide or publish on Libero Connect or on Libero’s websites fulfils the following conditions: 
• The material must not be in breach of copyright or any other personal right or the right of ownership of third parties.  

• The material can be used for any purpose where there is a legitimate connection to Libero Connect or Libero's website. 

You undertake not to use improper or offensive language and not to send in or publish material which is or could be insulting, vulgar, malicious, damaging to someone's integrity, harmful to other users (for example, members, non-members and third parties) or harmful to Essity's business interests or which could incite behaviour that would constitute a breach of duty under civil law or which would otherwise infringe local, national or international laws or regulations. 

You also undertake not to send or publish material that consists of spam or unauthorised advertising, for example material that invites other users to buy or sell products or services without the advance written consent of Essity. 

You are aware of and acknowledge that the people appointed by Essity to take responsibility for and administer Libero Connect have the right at their own discretion and without prior notification to monitor, review, edit, move and remove material. 

Essity also reserves the right to take the measures that it considers necessary if you misuse Libero Connect or fail to comply with these rules 

The use of Libero Connect 
You undertake only to use Libero Connect for legal purposes. 

You also undertake not to interrupt or disrupt activities in the Libero forum or other discussion or question and answer pages on Libero's website and not to change or manipulate information or material that is on Libero's website and associated apps. 

Material displayed on Libero's website and apps 
The information on pregnancy and young children provided in the app is of a general nature and is not intended to replace a visit to a doctor or other medical advice. Essity cannot be held responsible for any decisions you make after accessing the information. 

Essity does not guarantee that material displayed on Libero's website and Libero’s apps which has been provided by the website's users has been published with the consent of the copyright holder. Therefore, we also cannot guarantee that the material can be used without reservations. 

Libero's website and apps contains copyright material, trademarks, and other protected information. All the content from Libero in its entirety is copyright-protected. The material on Libero's website or the material that you obtain is intended only for your personal use. 

Without the advance written consent of Essity, you must not use material that you have obtained from Libero's website or apps for commercial purposes or for any other purpose without permission, for example by publishing, resending, or distributing it or using it in another way if this is not permitted under the provisions of copyright law or other legislation. 

You undertake to indemnify Essity and its employees, distributors, agents and representatives and to release them from all claims and liabilities (for example charges) which could arise when you send in material, if you use material that you have obtained from Libero's website or apps without permission, if you are in breach of these rules or if another person uses your login details to do something similar. 

You accept that Essity is not responsible and has no obligations towards you with regard to material which is published or provided by others. 

Limitations on duties 
Libero Connect is provided in its existing condition with no guarantees concerning its content or the products or services supplied from or via Libero’s apps.  Essity expressly excludes all guarantees, either explicit or implicit, including, but not restricted to, guarantees of general suitability, non-infringement, correctness, reliability and fitness for a specific purpose. 

Regardless of any monitoring of the content or other material on Libero Connect which Essity chooses to accept, Essity cannot be held liable for sorting, editing or carrying out other checks of the content or other material. You are aware that this type of content can include material which can be regarded as disgusting, misleading, incorrect, inappropriate, offensive, pornographic, or objectionable in other ways. 

Essity is not responsible for storing the content on Libero's apps and has no obligation to do so. Essity can change or remove it at its own discretion. 

If you are under the age of 16, you can only use Libero Connect under the supervision of a parent or guardian. Libero's website and associated apps reserve the right not to provide services, to close accounts, to remove or edit content and to cancel memberships at their own discretion. 

You release Essity from any liability for claims relating to the content or other material provided from or via Libero Connect and for the current security or confidentiality level. 

Product descriptions 
Libero's website and associated apps make every effort to provide information that is as correct as possible. However, Essity does not guarantee that the product descriptions and other information on the website are correct, complete, reliable, up-to-date or free from errors. If a product that Essity provides does not correspond with the description, you can only return it to us in an unused condition. 


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