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Faulty amning koppar

We recently observed that amning koppar from libero leaves residue on the nipples. It was stupid of us not to notice this early but now we are very concerned what our baby ingest. Have you notice this? We were quite comfortable with libero products so stocked up quite a lot with all of their product but this shitty quality amning koppar has shocked us. It is disgusting how they neglected in their QA QC process. Now I suspect even if they have any QC process.

Bebis på 7 månader

Libero has recalled that product of the market, so you can send the boxes back to them and get compensation.
They also stated that there is no hazard risk for the baby, if they ingest some of the glue residues.
I can’t say anything about their QC process, but unfortunately things can always happen ( human error?) and they acted accordingly ( publicly recalling the product etc), so I will keep buying their products.

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