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Traveling with a baby less than 1 year old

Hi, I am a new mother, had my first child last August. I live in Stockholm but planned to travel to our home country Albania when the baby is about 7 months old. BVC here in Stockholm suggested us to vaccinate the baby against measles,rubella and mumps before travelling. But MMR vaccine normally is planned for children after 1 year old and not so early. My country is not a risk country for measles, but they said that there is a risk to get in airport. Actually, babies get protection from mother during 4 weeks of pregnancy and also from breast milks . I have had measles when i was child and also i am breastfeeding my baby. Have you parents been travelling with young children under 1 year and have you vaccinate the babies with MMR vaccine before traveling? Please help me with your suggestions because i am so confused and do not know what to do? Thank you and good luck with your babies :)

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