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Good snacks anytime!

As a mother, I know that I have so much responsibility for my children's health. Whenever I go out, I couldn't really find healthy snacks for my children. Everywhere is full with sugar. I started to feel so quilty to buy chips, cookies, chocolates and candies for them. Asking myself everytime, why would I have to buy bad snacks for my beloved sons? I then started to look for healthy snacks for them and actually carry with me when going out. This is the best thing a mother could do for her children. Sometimes they don't want to eat fruits. Then I would give them freezed dried fruits. They are actually fruits but crispy and sweet like candy. Vacuumfried fruits and vegetables are also good alternative to potatochips. I believe it's healthier, more fiber and less fat. What about you guys? Have you ever thought about snacks that you give to your children?

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Eating fresh vegetables and fruits is the best, but sometimes my children want to eat something more crispy and crunchy like chips. Then I would choose to give them vacuumfried veg instead of traditional deepfried potatochips. My son loves greenday pumpachips so much. You can get those from For myself, I like broccolichips dipped with cream fraiche. Hope you all can try them out.

xLillaMy: You' re right, frying is not that healthy but it's healthier with vacuumfried. Sometimes we do want to eat something crispy:) so vacuumfried is not so bad to try. Freezed dried is one of the method for drying so it won't melt. I think freezed dried fruits are good snacks for kids. I got them from if you get a chance, let your kids try them. It's a good alternative for candies.

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